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Hair growth is a common problem that everyone faces and people look for ways to completely get rid of unwanted hairs on their bodies. Laser hair removal is one method that is effective and gives you freedom from removing hair from your body every few days.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Unlike waxing or plucking, laser hair removal is a medical procedure that greatly reduces hair growth. It uses light energy from a specialized light source (laser machine) and targets the root of the hair. The light energy damages the hair follicle which results in permanent hair removal or a permanent decrease in hair density. Reduced hair density means that some hair will grow back and you will need to repeat the procedure to get rid of them permanently. Moreover, it doesn’t damage the surrounding skin which is a common problem with waxing and plucking.

Laser hair removal Singapore is the most effective and long-lasting method of hair removal. About 95% of people who have undergone the procedure are satisfied with the results.

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Can it be Performed on all Body Parts?

Yes, the laser hair removal method is safe to be performed on all body parts including arms, legs, face, underarms, chest, and bikini area. However, it is not advised to use the laser hair removal methods around the eyes as it may damage your vision. Although, the procedure is used on the face special care is taken during the procedure. Tattooed skin is also not suitable for laser hair removal procedures.

Is it Effective for all Skin types?

The wavelength of laser light is set according to the skin type and the idea is only hair should absorb the light and not the skin. So, dark skin colour and light hair colour or light skin colour and dark hair colour are the most suitable combination. The lesser the contrast the more are the chances of slight skin damage but this can be avoided with the latest technology.

However, the laser skin removal method is less effective for hair colours that are not good absorbers of light like grey, white, red, and blonde.

How it ts done?

The procedure will last within an hour depending on the area of hair and its density. At first, you will be offered topical anaesthesia (if the target area is the bikini or underarms). The topical anaesthesia is applied 20 to 30 minutes before the procedure. You will also be provided eye protection before the procedure to protect your eyes from any damage.

Next, the laser machine will be adjusted according to your skin colour, skin location, and thickness of hair. A cold gel is normally applied to the surrounding areas to avoid burning or discomfort.

After that, the procedure will start and the laser rays will be subjected to the target area. You will feel slight discomfort which is like a light rubber band snapping with your skin or a warn pinprick.

Once the procedure is completed, you will be advised of the aftercare instruction and anti0inflammatory creams and lotions will also be prescribed.

Are there any Side Effects?

Laser hair removal is one of the safest hair removal methods available. However, there are some risks that rarely appear and the primary cause of these side effects is negligence in pre and post-procedure care.

  • Skin Irritation like redness, swelling, or discomfort is possible but it will go away in a few hours.
  • Pigment change is another side effect that mainly occurs if the pre-procedure and post-procedure care is not taken care of.
  • Blistering, crusting, or scarring is some very rare side effects of laser hair removal.
  • Greying or excessive hair growth is also a very rare side effect and is often associated with dark skin colour people.

How to Prepare for the Procedure?

Your doctor will prescribe you suitable preparations for the procedure. This may include:

  • Avoid shaving the area the day before the treatment.
  • Stop consumption of blood-thinning medications.
  • Stop using waxing and plucking methods of hair removal at least four weeks before the procedure date.
  • Avoid using any creams that darken your skin colour. Your doctor might ask you to bleach your skin if you had a recent sun tan.
  • Avoid going out in the sun. If it is necessary, use a broad-spectrum SPF-30 sunscreen before going out.

Your doctor might advice any other precautions. Make sure to follow all the preparatory instructions provided by the doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser hair removal Singapore treatment significantly slows down the growth of hair and also decreases the density of hairs on your skin. However, they don’t permanently remove hairs. You will have to repeat the procedure multiple times and follow the maintenance treatment schedule to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

Your Aesthetics physician will inform you about the best laser for hair removal after examining your skin, hair growth, and colour of your hairs and skin. However, the diode laser and Nd: YAG laser are considered the best laser for laser hair removal Singapore.

No, IPL and Laser hair removal are not the same. IPL hair removal Singapore is technically not a laser. IPL uses broad-spectrum light rays and covers more areas of the skin. Lasers, however, use a targeted wavelength of light and specifically target melanin in the hair.

It will take about two weeks after the IPL hair removal Singapore procedure for the hairs to fall off. The hairs do not fall off immediately after the procedure. The procedure destroys the hair follicle but the hair shaft takes two weeks to fall off.