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What you will Experience at Certified Aesthetics?


We will start with a consultation. Book an appointment with one of our qualified and experienced aesthetic physicians and share your worries with us. Whether you have a skin problem or you want permanent hair removal, physicians at Certified Aesthetic Clinic Singapore will carefully listen to all your concerns. They will examine your skin condition and run tests if necessary. The aesthetic physician will propose a suitable course of action to treat your skin issue and we will discuss and finalize the final outcome, treatment timeline, and budget for the proposed treatment.

Before Treatment

Before the treatment day, you will be provided with guidelines to strictly follow. This includes what medicine to take and not to take, any activities that you must avoid, and certain precautions to speed up your healing process and avoid any side effects.


On the day of the treatment, first, you will be briefed about the treatment process, what to expect, and what not to expect. The team will prepare you for the procedure and an experienced and certified aesthetics physician will perform the procedure. Once the procedure is completed, you will be provided with care instructions, medications (if any), and when to visit for a post-procedure check-up.

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Once you have completely healed from the procedure and the procedure results are evident, we will sit and discuss the outcome of the procedure. You can discuss your feelings about the procedure and whether you are satisfied with the result or not. Certain procedures need repeat procedures. In the review session, we will discuss your future treatment plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An aesthetic clinic Singapore is an outpatient clinic that provides aesthetic services to patients. They help improve the physical appearance of people and boost their confidence. Some popular aesthetic treatments provided at the aesthetics clinic are hair removal, scar removal, laser therapies, and more.
Aesthetics treatments are non-surgical treatments provided by certified physicians to improve the physical appearance of people. This includes improving skin texture, diminishing signs of aging, and injecting dermal fillers at different parts of the body to improve appearance.
There are 4 things that you must consider before hiring an aesthetics practitioner:
  • Must be qualified and experienced.
  • Must be certified by the relevant authorities.
  • Must have the expertise of your desired aesthetic procedure.
  • Must have the latest equipment at the clinic
Dermatologists are qualified doctors that diagnose medical issues with your skin and prescribe a suitable course of action to solve the problem. Aesthetics practitioners, on the other hand, focus on your skin condition and propose and perform aesthetic procedures to improve your skin condition.