Top Women's Skin Problems and the Way to Cure Them

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Our skin is the most sensitive part of our body. Laden with all sorts of receptors for touch, heat, pressure, and much more, it is also the body part that is directly exposed to the environment. That’s why it catches a ton of diseases and other issues which can be quite cumbersome to fight!

Today, being comfortable and okay in your own skin is more essential than ever before! People now have come to love themselves the way they are, rather than looking at everything with a microscopic eye. This not only applies to skin type, color, and finish; it is also true for physical health. Obesity is no longer treated as an outsider but instead embraced and accepted as a part of human life.


While this change in our perception is great, we cannot ignore people who are still extremely cautious about their skin. Tiny imperfections such as acne scars, aging wrinkles, and moles can be a source of shattered confidence for some. A lot of ladies desire to attain picture-perfect skin with immaculate finish, texture, and tone!

Here at Certified Aesthetics, we believe you have the right to look exactly as you want. Nothing in the ether should stop you from getting rid of that long-rooted acne scar or a mole spot. We also understand that it’s impossible to maintain fairy-tale skins in a hectic life. Therefore, we have come up with unique and innovative treatments for different skin issues women face.

Our initiative is driven by the goal to heighten the confidence, self-belief, and esteem of every individual lady. In this blog write-up, we will skim through some of the most common skin issues along with their treatments.


Acne comes into your life during your teenage years and often decides never to leave! It can seem like an inevitable part of life that’s also found to be immortal! As per studies and researches, its lack of novelty can be indicated by the fact that about 20% of people face it!

Acne breakouts are a result of different problems. The most common one is the excessiveness of androgen hormone in your body, which is mainly produced in your teenage years.


Moreover, acne can also be caused by P.acnes bacteria responsible for inflammation, making the skin get red. This is the reason why acne pimples are often complemented by redness on your face.

Plus, if your skin is oily, there are greater chances of attaining acne. This is because skin oil can clog face pores and result in popping breakouts.

Acne treatment involves using salicylic acid face wash daily to ensure that your skin pores don't get clogged. You can couple it with a small amount of Differ in at night to remove dead skin cells.


Skin Scars are one of the most common issues that seem to never leave one! They can be caused due to several reasons, such as accidents in which collagen gets ruptured.

Generally, old scars are almost impossible to treat because the damage is often too great. However, if they are relatively fresh and new, they can be treated with scientifically proven and functional methods.

One of such methods is the use of Fraxel Laser that helps your skin become taut and come to its original condition. Along with that, steroid injections are another great way to treat bumpy fresh scars. Deeply-rooted ones require more time and effort and can only be corrected with surgical operations, which usually involve laser treatments.


Resaca is characterized by reddish skin patches, bumpy pimples, sprouted facial vessels, and swollen marks. The reason why it is caused is primarily unclear; however, that doesn't undermine its lack of novelty.

It can be taken care of using anti-inflammatory products that help fight reddish skin patches, while caffeine helps tone down sprouted blood vessels. Plus, preventing direct exposure to the sun, as well as curtailing the alcohol and spicy food you eat, are two known ways to treat Rosacea.


Moles are primarily found in people with fair skin. It occurs due to the overgrowth of skin cells at a concentrated point on the body's surface rather than being spread out. Most of the time, moles are harmless; however, sometimes, they can be caused due to skin cancer.

We always recommend you consult a nearby doctor if you find a mole to change its shape, appearance, and color over time or asymmetrical in shape.

Moles occur naturally; therefore, you don't need to treat them in most cases. It's good if you visit a doctor regularly for close checkups to ensure that everything is okay. Mole removal is only required if you have skin cancer.

Certified Aesthetics is the go-to place for all your skin concerns. We have specialized treatments that harness unique solutions to ensure that you don't feel pain and avoid after effects. Our experts understand their job, sharing expertise in fighting the most severe of skin problems. We are a skin care clinic Singapore has trusted us for years, something which has always made us proud!

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are common after rapid weight gain or less and during pregnancy. It is characterized by reddish patches which appear at the places your skin stretches.

Stretch marks are best treated using moisturizers that hide their appearance and make the skin come more alive. While this can take a significant time to reveal its outcomes, a quicker way is to let laser treatment in which collagen growth is promoted where stretches appear.


Facial Wrinkles develop with age. They can be observed in the form of drooping skin. Today, there are countless anti-aging treatments that treat facial wrinkles and leave behind a more pleasant-looking appearance.

If you are facing any skin issue, Certified Aesthetics is the solution for you! We have the best-in-class equipment and medically-approved products to treat various skin problems that may arise with age or due to a certain issue.