Combating Acne and Its Aftermath Effectively

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Acne is nothing new or strange. All of you must have gone through the problem during your adolescence. Acne affects both males and females during puberty. The main cause of acne is an imbalance in the hormonal levels in the body. During adolescence, there are a lot of changes in the body and hormonal changes occur. These changes can cause an increase in the production of oil in the glands beneath your skin. The excessive production can lead to clogging of the oil pores. Dead skin cells and dirt can also get accumulated in the pores compounding the problem. This becomes an excellent breeding ground for bacteria that will infect. This results in the formation of pimples which can be painful. Pimples also burst to cause acne scars.

Occurrence Of Acne In Adults

Acne is not isolated to adolescents. It can also occur after you have crossed your teens. This is not very common but is not too rare too. It is best to consult the best acne dermatologist in Singapore to get rid of the affliction and get smooth and clear skin. It is depressing when you get acne at a time when you thought that you could have your smooth, glowing skin permanently. Acne is certainly going to mar the beauty of your face and you must get rid of it quickly. If you are an adult who has still not suffered from adult acne, it is best to know what causes it in adults.

The reason for acne in adults is also hormonal imbalance which occurs at certain times. This can happen during your period. Hormonal imbalance is very common during pregnancy. These changes are observed in menopause too. For people who are taking hormonal birth-control medicines, acne can happen as soon as they start the medicine or when they stop it. If you are suffering from chronic stress, there is a possibility that the affliction will strike you. Stress can play havoc with your skin causing inflammatory acne. Other reasons for acne include pollution and the use of wrong skin products. Whatever be the cause, you must consult with the dermatologist in Singapore for acneto find the right cure.

Finding The Right Treatment For Acne

While there are many topical and oral medications available for the treatment of acne, it is better to get the advice of the experts in this matter. You must try to control the breakout quickly and reduce its effects on your skin. Only a qualified person will be able to suggest the right treatment for your skin type. Using antibiotics along with topical applications can help in the case of mild or moderate acne affliction. Anti-androgen agents are also sometimes prescribed to control the spread of acne.

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The aesthetic clinics in Singapore offer laser treatment for acne. Laser with a chemical peel is an excellent way to control acne spread. The chemical peel doesn't have a long-lasting effect and may need to be repeated for a complete cure of acne. Whiteheads and blackheads are manually removed if they don't disappear with medication. This procedure can sometimes result in scarring. Phototherapy is another effective way to treat acne. The lights can kill the bacteria that grow in the pores and prevent infection. Blue and red lights can kill the bacteria that cause the pimples without affecting your skin in any way.

Suffering The Scars Of The Affliction

Acne can be controlled or cured using various medications and home remedies. But before you can get rid of them completely, they can become severe enough to leave behind ugly scars. The pimples that are formed during the breakout can burst. They leave behind scars on the skin that can be very severe. These scars are deep and big enough to be visible very prominently on your face. These scars also vary in size, shape, and depth. What is most disturbing is the fact that these scars are permanent. While acne can go away naturally, these scars will not go without special treatment. You will need to contact the best dermatologist in Singapore for acne scars for getting rid of them.

The good news for people with acne scars is that the aesthetic clinics in Singapore offer treatments for all the types of acne scars. Depending on the severity and size of your scars the specialists at these clinics will prescribe the treatment. Laser treatment has been found to very effective in treating acne scars. Resurfacing using laser has been found to be effective in certain types of scars. Using pulsed light can help in making the scars less visible without causing any damage to the surface of the skin. Your affordable dermatologist may recommend dermabrasion if the scarring is very deep and severe.