Achieve the Best Results From Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Simple Steps

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It's true that hair removal can be a pain! This is such a boring, time consuming, and painful process. But once you have decided to remove hair from your body, there is no going back.

But nowadays, this boring process transform into an interesting way. Laser Hair Removal Singapore has become one of the top-selling treatments. It will make it easier for you to deal with unwanted hair.

Not all lasers are the same! So, you have to know which laser treatment will deliver the results effectively and efficiently. You need to follow simple steps before starting your laser hair removal treatment!

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Steps To Maximize Your Laser Hair Removal Results

Laser hair removal treatment has become a popular cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted hair from your body. But it can only be effective when you select the right one!

Below, we have curated some steps to follow before starting laser hair removal treatment:

Start Consulting With Laser Hair Removal Experts

Many of us know waxing, threading, and shaving can be performed at home just like laser hair removal treatment can be done by a certified doctor.

According to the Singapore Medical Council guidelines, it is stated that specialists who have no sufficient experience in laser hair removal should refrain from performing it. If they acquire training experience to do it competently, they are able to perform it!

Laser devices are not fully foolproof. So, it becomes quite important to find a certified doctor who is trained and experienced to do the treatment for you. They can also determine the number of sessions required to achieve the desired result.

Make sure you disclose all the things to your doctor. Like pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, medications, and past history of any procedure you have done. On the basis of your discussion, the doctor will create a detailed plan for your treatment.

Achieve Better Results with Good Plan Ahead

Before doing anything, we create a plan for it. This will make things easier to accomplish without any problems. You need to add many things to your plan before starting your Laser Hair Removal Singapore treatment.

Below we are mentioning some pre-treatment instructions:

  1. Before the 4 weeks of the procedure, you should avoid the sun.
  2. Avoid tanning to maintain your skin's natural condition before treatment.
  3. Also, avoid plucking or waxing before the 3-4 weeks of the procedure.
  4. Shaving is good but doesn't try to tweeze or pluck.
  5. Make your body area free of lotion, makeup, deodorant, or sun cream before the treatment.
  6. You should completely avoid scrubs, retinol cream, and glycolic acid before and after the 2 days of treatment.

Things to Expect During the Treatment

The treatment length only depends on the area you want to cover. A single area can be done in one hour, but it's best to schedule an appointment via call.

Before the treatment, your doctor will perform the patch test for every area. The reason for doing this test is that your skin and hair are not the same everywhere on your body. This test will help them to determine any adverse side effects before the treatment.

Below we have curated the list of some things you can expect during the treatment:

  1. Ask for eye shields
  2. The treatment area needs to be shaved properly
  3. Settings of the device can be configured to your skin/ hair colour/ condition
  4. There will be pauses to check the progress
  5. They will ask you about your menstrual cycle
  6. They will monitor you throughout the procedure

These are the main things you can expect during your treatment. Once you have done this, your skin becomes red for a few minutes or hours. They will also provide you with aftercare instructions for your laser hair removal treatment.

Don't Forget to Complete Your Follow-Up Treatment

You will start noticing clear and smoother skin after the procedure. But you can completely get rid of unwanted hair after taking multiple sessions. Basically, the 6 sessions are suitable for significant hair reduction, but it can be different for each patient.

There are some follicles that were resting during the treatment, so they may grow after a few weeks. This is the reason why you should complete your follow-up treatment.

Follow Aftercare Instructions

There are some people who experience side effects from the procedure. This will happen due to poor aftercare instructions. So, it's crucial to follow aftercare instructions.

Below are some tips that will make your skin smooth and silky:

  1. Use sunblock with SPF 25 or higher
  2. Avoid tight-fitting clothes
  3. Not to scratch, rub, or touch the treated area
  4. Avoid the activities that make you sweat
  5. Use skincare products recommended by the doctor

Following these tips will make your skin glow!


Laser hair removal is the best option if you want to remove your unwanted hair permanently. Laser hair removal treatment will save you time and money and provide beautiful, long-lasting results.

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